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  • 1 Car Garage Dimensions and Sizes

    Are you irritated by your small garage area and want some technique to make it a comfortable place? You are lucky to have us as we'll discuss the 1 car garage dimension and size within a comfort zone. 1 car garage comes in various sizes and shapes. The minimum size is 10x8, but it would be 12x20 if the car size is large. This guide will help provide techniques for making your garage for cars and other storage things. Let's discuss each in detail.


    Different sizes of 1 car garage

    There are different sizes for a one-car garage, from minimum to large. The size varies just because of the need that someone has. These are either in an attached garage or a detached garage. If you have a small area for a garage, you can make this reserved for a 1 car garage.


    Minimum size 1 car garage:


    You can go for the minimum garage dimensions if you have small cars or vehicles. The dimension for minimum size is 10'x18'. But by using this dimension, the cars hit the surfaces of the garage. However, the comfortable dimensions are 12'x20'. Within this dimension, the car will be protected from scratches.


    Average size:


    If you want some extra space to walk around in the garage, you should consider an average size 1 car garage. When you calculate the garage's dimension, consider the space you want to add for various other things. The average 1 car garage dimension is 12'x20'. However, you can increase or decrease the value according to your car.


    Large size:


    In the case of 1 car garage, some garages are large because of the large vehicles. They are specially made for large vehicles that can never fit in a minimum or average size garage. Large 1 car garage size is 16'x24'. Garage with this dimension will have a workshop space for different tasks.


    How to add more space inside the garage


    If you have a small garage and want to add more space, you can plan differently. You can add shelves in the garage to store different things. However, you can also add a second floor to your garage to increase the space to do workshop tasks.


    Various factors affect the size of the garage. These include the space needed to walk around the vehicle with comfort. During car dimension calculation, the extra space is also included in the dimension. However, If you want to add a workbench or some extra space, you should include it while calculating the dimensions.


    You have to know about the dimensions and sizes necessary for garages. You are also aware of the technique to increase the space.


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