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  • 2 Car Garage Dimensions and Sizes


    The 2 car garages came in various sizes according to the need and cars. If you want a perfect garage, you should consider its dimension. If you don't know how to consider the dimensions, continue reading further.


    Different sizes of a 2 car garage


    A 2 car garage size varies according to the needs of a person. There are various factors on which the dimension and size of a 2 car garage depend. The size of a 2 car garage can be minimum and average depending on the size of the vehicle and some other things.


    Minimum 2 car garage dimensions:


    If we consider the minimum size of the garage, it is used for small vehicles, or if you have a small area. According to the experts who build garages, 2 car garage dimensions are 20'x20'. However, vehicles will fit in the garage, and there will be no more space left. So, to get rid of this problem, a garage should be built after keen observation.


    You should consider space for each thing you want in the garage during the dimension measurements. Instead of an 8' door, it should be 9' or 10'. The inside of the garage should be comfortable. So, according to these points of view, the minimum size for the 2 car garage should be 24'x24' instead of 20'x20'.


    Average 2 car garage dimensions:


    Keep in mind that it is used for big-size cars or vehicles for an average size. If you have large-sized cars and a comfortable garage for them, you can consider average dimensions. Before calculations, keep in mind all the space you need in your garage. The width should be considered more to make it comfortable. The average size is 20'x30'. It is the minimum average size, but if you want more comfort, you can increase space in your dimensions.


    How to expand the garage if you have a small area?


    There are not many areas for some homeowners to make their garage comfortable. But we'll provide a solution via which you can make a comfortable garage in a small area. There are many ways that you can consider to increase space, like adding shelves to store different things. You can also increase the height of the garage to make it comfortable or make a second floor to store other things and use it as a workshop. Thus, you can make your garage more comfortable even if you have less building area.


    We can build you a perfect 2 car garage with the dimensions and size you need to store all of your stuff.

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