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    A1 Pekin Garage Builders can help you create a custom design and build your detached garage for you!


    You can consider a detached garage as a little short of a free-standing pavilion, providing endless possibilities as well as the possibility of increasing a home's curb appeal, while maintaining a safe distance from the house for your tasks.


    More customization options are available with detached garages. The shape and size of an attached garage will be governed by the home it is connected to. You will be able to expand it as large as you like without this limitation.


    Even multiple rooms are possible! There is less need to search for storage with more rooms; this is a consideration for your custom house garage.


    Best Detached Garage Idea

    Homeowners who are dissatisfied with their detached garages and homes, in general, are often at fault for poor planning. Many people are unable to visualize the space once it's complete, which is the root of the problem. Second, when you look at an empty space, like in a model home or in a store that sells garage packages, there is no doubt in your mind that the void will be big enough. A detached garage should be at least 26 feet deep and 38 feet wide. This is why A1 Pekin Garage Builders are known as the experts in the garage building industry. We know what is required to design and build a detached garage that will stand the weight of time.


    It's great if you have an unlimited amount of space, a big budget, and a flat place to build. Making a list of everything you plan to put in the garage should be the first step, including all of your lawn and garden equipment, mowers, snowblowers, and motorcycles. You may want to consider a nice workbench for the garage as well. There is even a possibility of adding a small bathroom and closet.


    Detached Garage Plans

    Every home does not have an attached garage. Therefore, you may want to consider building a detached garage. The variety of designs we offer includes 1 car garage, 2 car garage, and 3 car garage options - many of which include overhead lofts and even apartments. Check local building requirements and restrictions before ordering your detached garage plans, and most importantly, measure the height and width of the vehicles you intend to store. We can do this for you. We understand all of the local codes and permits needed to build a detached garage and we also are great at taking measurements!


    Detached Garages Have Multiple Uses

    The attached garages do not always offer the same options as detached garages.


    · You can turn your garage into a workshop, without having to worry about your family complaining about the dust and noise.


    · Give yourself a dedicated and quiet workspace with a detached home office.


    · There is a possibility you would like to add a second-floor living area, which might not look great when connected to the main house or create privacy problems.


    · Some clients also build outdoor showers, grill areas, and pool houses on the side of their detached garage.


    · You can use them as a home gym.


    You may consider going multi-purpose if you are unsure of your detached garage ideas. For that sort of thing, garages are great and you'll save money. It is always a good idea to build your garage as large as your budget and building site allow. The extra space will always be appreciated.


    If you build a detached garage, your property value will increase. But the added value must be weighed against construction costs and long-term expenses. With the right detached garage design, you can increase the resale value of your home.


    At A1 Pekin Garage Builders we specialize in helping our customers understand the ROI on building a detached garage. We can help you determine how it will increase the value of your home. Consider partnering with us today to make your detached garage dream a reality. Call us at (309) 518-1991 or contact us to receive a free quote for your detached garage!

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