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  • 3 Car Garage Dimensions and Sizes

    Do you need more space for your garage to work efficiently, store things, or protect cars? You are at the right place to get information on 3 car garage dimensions. There is always a need for some extra space within the garage to work along with the parking. Therefore, a 2 car garage is limited and needs to extend to a 3 car garage size. Let's dive into it.


    Different sizes of 3 car garages


    The garage size varies for different circumstances. In the case of a 3 car garage, the size varies depending on a person's need and other things. The 3 car garage sizes vary from 20'x30' to 30'x60'. However, we will not recommend the smallest size because extra space is better than the limited space. However, the size usually depends on how big your vehicles are and how much space you want. We'll discuss the minimum and average size that a 3 car garage can have.


    Minimum 3 car garage size:


    If you have a small vehicle and don't need a vast space, you can go for the minimum size. The minimum size for a 3 car garage is 20'x30'. Moreover, if you have a small area or want a place for small objects, you should select this size. This site is best for the minimum garage because you also need some space to walk and work. Limited space always irritates you because it doesn't let you do some work there. Therefore, there must be some free space in every garage.


    Average size garage:


    If you have big cars in your 2 car garage and want some free area in the room, you should consider an average size for a 3 car garage. The average size is 22'x32' to let yourself walk freely in the garage.


    How could you decide your garage size?


    If you want to determine the dimension of your 3 car garage, you should consider your vehicles' dimensions. You should free up the space from all over the car. This space should be at least two feet in distance. If we consider a two-foot space from all the dimensions of the vehicles, then a 3 car garage will be a comfortable place.


    However, if you want a more comfortable place, you can leave more space according to your choice. It would be best to consider the following factors while determining the dimensions.


    • No of cars

    • Space for wheelchair

    • Shelves you want

    • Space for workbench

    • Things you want to store

    • Space for a refrigerator if you want


    In short, you have to consider all the things that you want to place in your garage before measuring dimensions. You have to include all the space used for these things.


    A1 Pekin Garage builders are experts when it comes to figuring out measurements and dimensions needed to build the perfect 3 car garage for you. Consider partnering with us and let us help you design the custom garage of your dreams. You can receive a free 3 car garage complimentary estimate by contacting us at (309) 518-1991 or filling out our form to receive a free quote.

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