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    Considering an Attached Garage for your Pekin home?


    Let A1 Pekin Garage Builders design and build your attached garage for your Pekin home.


    Benefits of Attached Garage


    An attached garage opens directly onto the rest of a home through a door, allowing you to walk from the car into the garage without stepping foot outside. Having an attached garage is very beneficial for you especially in unfavorable weather conditions. Being able to get out of your car and walk comfortably into your house without getting soaked from rain or to be able to stay warm in below-freezing temperatures is priceless!


    Also, an attached garage is actually somewhat cheaper to build than a detached garage due to the fact that it is built onto your Pekin home’s existing structure. Meaning that there are only three walls needed instead of four and other less material is required. An attached garage is also able to pull from the electrical and heating elements as part of the home.


    If you are a part of a homeowners association, many times they prefer attached garages.


    Choosing to go with an attached garage versus a detached garage means that you will save on yard space.


    By extending on to your existing home structure and adding an attached garage, your house has more curb appeal and looks larger.


    Also, attached garages are great for increasing property value!



    The attached garages are typically rated by how many cars can be successfully parked inside, such as one car, two-car, and three-car garages. Choosing the right size depends on what your individual needs are. Do you want just enough space to park your car or do you want the room to store other items such as an extra refrigerator or work tools, or maybe you want to have a workshop?



    In addition to car parking, attached garages can be used for storage or to park other types of vehicles such as small boats or motorcycles. Some people use a garage to have a room for hobbies such as refurbishing classic cars, pottery, or wood.



    In some cases, houses are built alongside an attached garage. In others, homeowners add attached garages as a post-home renovation project, with the walls at one end of the home.


    Protection of Vehicle

    Enclosed garages keep vehicles out of the damaging effects of the elements in areas affected by rain, snow, or low temperatures.


    Local Codes & Permits


    If your house doesn't have an attached garage, we can build one for you! At A1 Pekin Garage Builders we understand all of the requirements such as local codes and permits needed to build your garage!


    We want to make your garage dreams come to fruition! Consider choosing A1 Pekin Garage Builders to be your partner in designing and building your new custom attached garage. If you are looking for a garage contractor in Pekin, IL, we truly are the best garage builders in Tazewell County. Give us a call at (309) 518-1991 or contact us for a FREE Quote for your attached garage.





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