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  • Are you looking into carports for your Pekin home?

    Anyone who has decided on a carport will soon be spoiled for choice. Because different combinations of elements allow almost innumerable design possibilities. In addition to the aesthetic aspect of the later carport, the practical properties of the different materials should also be taken into account.


    One of the toughest is steel. In the following guide, we explain why we particularly prefer steel for carports, what advantages this material has over others and what you should definitely consider when choosing a material!


    Metal Carport - Would you Prefer Aluminum or Steel?

    Most metal carports are made from either aluminum or steel. Both materials are well suited for use as exterior cladding, supports, and other parts of a carport. However, we do not use aluminum and offer our customers first-class wall elements made of steel corrugation. On the other hand, aluminum as a raw material is more expensive than steel. It's easier to work with. Although this makes it popular with do-it-yourselfers, it is also more prone to mechanical damage such as dents in sheet metal.


    In addition, our elements are industrially prefabricated by us. This means that they only have to be built in and you don't have to change anything on the elements, even when assembling them yourself.


    Steel Carports - Advantages and Disadvantages

    The advantages are obvious: thanks to its high load-bearing capacity, steel can be used in all weather zones in the USA. Because, depending on the zone, there are different regulations regarding the snow load a carport has to cope with.

    A steel carport for green roofs is also recommended, as the additional weight is usually not a problem. Steel is also rustproof and impresses with its enormous durability. While wooden elements are more susceptible to the weather and natural processes such as moss growth and therefore require more maintenance, despite steel these influences are without restrictions.


    Unfortunately, steel is more expensive than wood, but only for the first time. By saving maintenance or the possibility of replacing individual slats during the long service life of steel, the purchase is not more expensive in the long term.

    In addition to the closed carport walls made of a steel shaft, we also offer elements with tensioned stainless steel cables. These open the carport, let in light and, for example, can easily be overgrown with creeping plants such as the popular ivy and thus fit into any ambiance.


    You Should Consider this when Choosing the Material

    One of the few disadvantages of a carport made of steel elements is that the heavyweight of the parts makes it difficult to set up the carport independently. Of course, we also offer the option of having your dream carport built by our team of skilled craftsmen! Unfortunately, steel carports cannot be made in all the colors you want. As always, elements such as roof panels, system supports, and gates can be supplied in almost any RAL color.


    A1 Pekin Garage Builders not only design and build garages but we also do carports! If you are looking to add a carport to your Pekin home, consider partnering with us. We provide free estimates on carports. Give us a call at (309) 518-1991 or fill out our form to receive a free quote on your carport needs!




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